Casper Electric Storefront

About Us

Casper Electric has been serving the electrical needs of Wyoming for more than three decades. We started as a small family business back in 1984. Over the years, as the business grew, we invested heavily in building capacity and purchased construction equipment required for large-scale public and private construction projects. We have deep local roots and vast experience dealing with the special challenges of building in Wyoming.

Today, Casper Electric has become one of the premier electrical contracting businesses in the state. We have civil and electrical engineers on staff and employ master, journeymen and apprentice electricians. We provide Wyoming businesses and public enterprises with complete end-to-end electrical contracting services. But we’re still your local electrician, and our residential customers can expect friendly small-town service for their routine maintenance, installation and upgrade needs.

Casper Electric has also acted as the primary contractor on several ground-up construction projects, and understands the building process. Casper Electric’s adaptability, in-house equipment, and construction experience enable us address unexpected challenges efficiently. Casper Electric can meet the full range of residential, commercial, industrial, and highway electric needs.